Neoi Automated SMS Settings

Thank you for Purchasing a Neoi Mobile Phone Product.

This page will help you with the AUTOMATED SMS SETTINGS for WAP, MMS and GPRS.

As Neoi is an exclusive Mobile Phone, you will have to enter certain Settings Manually.
However, some Providers offer the AUTOMATED SMS SETTINGS SET UP.



In this Link Below:

You will find a List of Worldwide Providers.
In the third Colum you will see one of three Notations:
YES or NO or Blank

If you find your Provider and it says NO or it is Blank, this means that your Provider does not offer such a Service.


If your Provider is listed and it says YES, please click on the YES and follow the step by step Guide we have developed for you.

Furthermore, under Downloads and Manuals, on the right hand side you will also find many Help Guides to assist you in the Set up for WAP, MMS and GPRS.

Now, we wish you lots of Fun with your Neoi Fon Fashion Mobile.