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Here are some Kids
that are being safely watched by MEG.


Both Parents are working and the children are in the care of a nanny, Helper, child care?
Do You really know what Your children are doing?
How they are been treated?

In these days it is very important to have control in YOUR hands, no matter when, where and how.

Neoi, a leader in Micro Technology, has developed exclusively the NEOIBear 300 - a cute little Bear phone that allows Your Children to Call You at anytime and allows the parents to monitor location and situation at a push of a Button.

• This simplified GSM handset is aimed at children between the Ages of 3 -10 Years Old, which allow Parents to Monitor their Children’s Safety.

• Perhaps calling it a mobile phone is misleading - the NeoIBear 300 is more of a hybrid
between a baby monitor and an ultra-simple Hand-phone. The NeoIBear 300 can only dial four pre-programmed numbers, or send a pre-programmed SMS message to four
different Recipients.

• As you look at the phone, the side of the bear's snout area is the on/off button, with a Call receive button.

• Between the four paws are 4 Buttons to call different recipients.

• The speaker is between the nose and between the eyes, with the Neoi 300 Bear's
Microphone between the bottom feet.


• There is also a USB cable connection for charging and easy pre-set programming of the 3
Numbers and one SMS

• For added cuteness and Your child’s hygienic security, the Skin of the bear can be changed like a dress, with several Skin colours available!

• LEDs flash in the bear's ears when it receives a call. There's no screen on the NeoIBear 300, which allows you to easily take care of your Phone.

• Most importantly, the Bear is made from a Soft Material, so Your child cannot be hurt,
Or hurt others by using it (We all know that children like to throw Things around)
SECURITY is at the forefront of the Neoi Design. (See above, for Hygienic Security the Skin can be changed!)

• All Materials are tested and totally harmless, even if chewing or biting on it!

• The NeoIBear 300 can be remotely controlled by parents who can block the phone with a PIN number if it is lost or stolen.

• It can also be turned into a remote baby monitor, so parents can listed to what is going on in
their handset's vicinity without their child knowing. Parents can also remotely control the NeoIBear 300 Settings and will get an SMS if the handset gets a low battery.
It's a tri- band GSM phone, based on the Neoi well tested 809 Technology and will work on all global 3G GSM networks globally!



• Tri-Band GSM, based on the well tested NEOI 809 Technology

• 3G compatible

• One-key dial only of pre-set Numbers Child can call the 3 most important persons like Daddy, mother, teacher at anytime and anywhere plus one preselected SMS. Parents can remote control the phone anytime thru SMS.

• Children can only receive calls or messages from numbers which are pre-approved by parents, no direct dialling possible, avoids children to make phone calls to their friends and avoid misuse by helpers who watch the children

• Most important 24 x 7 monitoring of children

• Parents can monitor the children and hear the sound around them to check where they are
and what they are doing.

• Low Radiation (SAR Value), no health hazard for children, water and dust protected

• Special high capacity Battery, for up to 10 Days standby (depends on calling and monitor

• Callback per SMS as Monitor. So you can allways hear.

• Backside Battery Cover can be engraved with Name and address/ phone number at minimum charge, or for Advertising purpose / sales with Logos.

• With the Neoi Service Package comes several additional monitor and Software functions

• Accessories: Battery, the Neoi C-Card USB Universal Charger, Neck Band, and a cute Neoi Soft Bag with the cute and 3 changeable Skins

• The technical description of all Neoi products are subject to change. Some of the technical Specifications are not available in every country. For questions please contact us.


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