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The Neoi HDCR 112 Hardrive Card Reader


In a World where Cost are more than a Stress Factor; Neoi has discovered a way to reduce those Office Costs. Introducing the Neoi HDCR 112, a mobile Harddrive that consists of 6 Micro SD Card slots and can hold all the office Material you need. Decide how big your Office should be, decide if you want just one Movie or 10,000 Movies on your Vacation. You can determine the Size of your Office as you can determine how many Micro SD Cards you can to take with you.




Based on the new 32 GB Micro SD Card, the Storage Unit can hold up to 192 GB, plus has an Internal Memory of 2GB. (Note: The Internal Memory can be customised to up to 16GB, depending on minimum Purchase order) Use the Plug and Play feature on Airlines, to view your Vacation Movies before you Land. (Email us for Airline Details) Imagine, never having to choose what Music to Play, what Movie to watch, just take them all. This is the Largest Harddrive in the World and the most fashionable one as well. And most importantly, it is the safest Harddrive one can buy.


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