Neoi Docking Station

  Docking Station für 900er Serie  

Do you remember the Time , where the Kids of all Ages has the Big Juke Box on their shoulders and Changed the Tapes to dance their way into the Night ?
Well , we do and we loved it, but modern Technology has caught up with us all , and Neoi Fon Fashion is staying right on top of it. Neoi would like to Introduce the Neoi 9 Series Docking Staion.



A Stereo Loudspeaker that is so small, no one will know where the sound is coming from. Use the Docking Station with the Neoi 9 Series or hook up any Music Player thru the external 3.5 mm plug. The Neoi Docking Station is battery Operated or can be use with external Power Source. Imagine Plaing all of Your Songs out loud thru The Palm of you Hand. The Docking Station will be available later in 2010.