Neoi Chargers

  NeoI 906P Power Adapter  
  800 mah battery adapter for the 906 Neoi This adapter is specifically only for the Neoi 906 (all models). Includes Power Cable.You can Pre-order now.   Delivery date to 16/06/2010
( Without telephone )
  NeoICaddy 4.4  
  Wallet with built-in 4400 mah Battery. Universally Compatible with all mobile phones via USB Connection. (No phone / charger included)   Pre-order for Delivery 16.06.2010.  

  NeoIPower 1500  

Universal Battery Wristband for all portable Electronic Devices , 150 Hours more Power , including all standard Adapters

Back-up Battery Technology for "endless" Mobile Phone Operation, Walk and Talk.


1,500mAh of Battery Power on Your Wrist, Rechargeable with USB charger, Comes with the most common Battery connectors and a spring loaded cable.
If Your Mobile Phone Battery goes down THEN just plug the Phone into then NeoIPower 1500.

Soft Rubber, Water sealed for Outdoor operation and Sports.

  The Neoi Power Pack universal USB Charger (2200 mAh)

In today’s World of fast growing Communication, one can not allow himself to say “Hold on my Battery is dead “

With this in Mind, Neoi has developed the Solution for toady’s Business World. No more hunting for an Outlet, no more Embarrassing Call Back calls, just keep on Talking with the Neoi Power Pack.



The Neoi Power Pack is your Mobile Loading Station. It is a Charger within a Charger. The Neoi Power Pack charges your Mobile on the go or from the Outlet in Wall, while is has an Aditonal removable Battery build in.

Whiles most Chargers are too big to carry around, Neoi stays true to its Word. Thin and Lightweight, all the while with Fon Fashion in Mind.

Be Fashionable and talk for up to 200 Hours. Now that’s what we call Fashion Calling.


  The Neoi universal USB Slim Charger  
  Ever feel the need to Power up, but you can’t because the Charger is just to Big?
Introducing the Neoi USB Slim Charger.
So thin, you went get noticed when you Power up.
Designed with Fon Fashion in Mind
  The Neoi universal USB-Charger