The Neoi Power Adapter 906P
  Neoi 906P  

The Neoi 906 QWERTY, the thinnest mobile phone in the world gets a Facelift with Power.

From now on you can increase your talk time to max 10 hours with the 906P Power Adapter for the Neoi 906.


Based on Micro Technology of Neoi, we have designed a talk and click adapter for the 906 Neoi. It has a Build in 800 mah battery and thanks to the built-in security to click it attaches easily.
You can load the adapter separately or in connection with your 906th Neoi. It is loaded via a standard USB connector (Wallplug adapter not included)


The housing is made of brushed Aluminium casing, designed to fit all 906 Models.

Visually, the Neoi 906 extends only 11mm. With a total of 1120 mah battery power, the thinnest phone in the world just became more powerful in the Line of Fon Fashion.
Order your 906 Power Adapter for the 906 here.

• The technical description of all Neoi products are subject to change. Some of the technical Specifications are not available in every country. For questions please contact us.